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Friendship 22


TYPE 700
Length over all 7,00 m
Length waterline 6,10 m
Breath 2,50 m
Draught fixed keel

Draught bilge keel

0,70 / 1,10 / 1,35 m

0,72 tot 1,45 m

Displacement 1.300 kg
Balast 490 kg
Mast height 8,30 m
Boom length 2,55 m
Rigging 7/8 fractional rig
Clearance height 9,55 m
Cabin headroom 1,54 m
Berths 4


Sail area

Mainsail 11 m2
High aspect ratio  jib 9,2 m2
Genoa I 14,2 m2
Genoa II 12,0 m2
Working jib 2,6 m2
Spinaker 29,7 m2

Design: Jac. de Ridder
Built since 1978

Friendship 22 free Friendship 22

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 Specific downloads FS 22:

 Download Brochure FS 22 De original brochure from 1990 type 700 from the shipyard in Balk with pricelist.

 Download Brochure FS 22/22s The original brochure from 1992.

 Download Lowering the mast Information about lowering the mast.


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