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What do we do?

The IFC, or full name The International Friendship Club, was established in 1976, and is an association with about 130 members (boats) who enjoy the camaraderie of a sailing association and so we would not stop your membership should you sell your Friendship and buy another type of boat.

Most members are from The Netherlands but we also have a few members from abroad, like Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Members come from all over Holland but there is an important concentration of sailors who have their home marina around the IJsselmeer or in the vicinity.

Yearly we organise a few ‘wet’ events and in the winter also a ‘dry’ event which coincides with our annual general meeting, to which we often invite a speaker who has an interesting story about his or her sailing adventures.

For further information you can use several topics in the menu section. For example: Events this will give you an idea what we generally do during the year. We also have a club magazine which is very popular among the readers, see Magazine.
Information about different types of Friendship see Boat.
There is also a topic about the shipyard where the Friendship originated from and its further development, see Yard.
If you would like contact us or become a member, please use the topic Contact etc. here you also find a list of board members.

For technical issues, questions or advertisements, see Forum.

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